about kanza

Kanza Syed is a Lahore based creative practitioner. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design from Beaconhouse National University. Invested in her varied interests, from creative endeavors to exploring indie films and maintaining a well-curated and ever-expanding collection of books, she is always scavenging for rich stories.

& her practice

Kanza’s multidisciplinary practice explores themes of social identities and stigma, mental health, emotion-driven visual stories and speculative visions. Her latest project focuses on design-research and humanity-centered exploration, examining how the spaces we inhabit can either alienate or connect us, reciprocating into broader social narratives.

Adhering to an empathy-based approach, her work is intuition-led and embodies humanistic values. Having a keen eye for the ways that humans interact with their surroundings, she believes in creating designs that are perceptive and stimulate the viewer’s senses – ones that should spark questions and open up to newer insights.